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I'm Jenny, 18, I go to college full time and also have a job, not straight, I was born in Mexico and now live in California, I have 3 facial piercings, stretched lobes, and a cartilage piercing, I do photography as a hobby.



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Michinoku Hydrangea Garden

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I haven’t posted a single selfie since I’ve started college.


Tiny house built by Heirloom Custom Tiny Homes in Oregon. See more here!

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A few weeks after my partner and I had started seeing each other, his ex contacted him and told him that she was pregnant and intended to keep the child.
Today, my best friend became a father. While I know that our relationship blossomed at an inopportune time for both of us, sometimes the best, most beautiful parts of life often happen when we aren’t ready for them, or when the circumstances aren’t ideal. The most I can do is be grateful to have this wonderful human in my life, and prepare myself to share my love for him with this new addition to his life. I know that so long as I can find sanctuary within myself, everything will be ok. My body will always be my home. 

I really enjoyed reading your story and circumstance, and I admire the respectful and thoughtful approach you’re taking to your relationship. You created a striking and beautiful photo that feels just as honest as your write up. The contrasting colour of the blue water against your pale white. Your bush looks so nice soaking in the water beside your cute anchor tattoo. Thanks for sharing your submission. 



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so who’s gonna tell all the white people that are against immigration how they got to America

We’re fully aware of how we got here. Most people here are just against illegal and mass immigration, not all immigration.

who’s gonna tell this person

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Eva Kosmas Flores


claudia X revolutionaries of mexico

claudia, a single mother of emiliano (the baby in the belly named after emiliano zapata, the famous mexican revolutionary), is a political organizer, badass mother and a worker working for the revolution of our people.

our collaboration is a tribute to the fallen revolutionaries of and the resistance in mexico <3

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DSC_0058 by Azca# on Flickr.
Maturing is realizing how many things don’t require your comment.
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